Small/medium volume production in house, support for ‘Transfer-to-mass-production’


Small/medium volume production

APC offers production possibilities of a few k to a maximum of 50k qualified products per month.  

Transfer to mass production

For cost effective reasons, high volumes are often produced in Asia. With our broad experience and knowledge of the micro-electronics market in Asia, we offer support to smoothly carry out the transfer from small/medium volume to mass production.
In the actual design phase package details are being defined and fine-tuned in order to have the best starting configuration for the prototype packages. Also we make an overview of pros and cons in terms of assembly risks and used technology versus costs.  

After service

Also during volume production, APCenter can be consulted to optimize production or search and eliminate root causes of problems.
what we do production
APCenter offers small/medium volume production and (Transfer-to-) mass-production support as separate services, in combination with other services or as part of the cycle ‘From Package Design to Transfer to Mass Production’.

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