Research, design and prototyping of packaging concepts


what we do package development

Getting to know each other

Probably the most important step in the process: sit down together and getting to know each other’s expectations, capabilities and limitations, in order to achieve the best possible results in a joint effort to make a great product with your chip and our packaging.  

Package (concept) design

In the concept phase of package design, critical design points are being investigated by flow analysis, stress and thermal FEM simulations. 

Package design

In the actual design phase package details are being defined and fine-tuned in order to have the best starting configuration for the prototype packages. Also we make an overview of pros and cons in terms of assembly risks and used technology versus costs.  


The goal of prototyping is to proof that the concept works and delivers packaged products according to specifications. The first prototypes (between 50 and 100) are built using existing or project-specific tools including the materials and processes defined in the concept.


APC offers package concept design, package design and prototyping as separate services, in combination with each other, or as parts of the cycle from design to transfer to mass production.

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