Patented Film Assisted Molding allows creative package designs with functional exposed sensor areas

Film Assisted Molding (FAM) is a variation on the transfer molding process. It uses one or two Teflon based films in the mold, which are sucked down onto its inner surface before products are being loaded. In combination with Boschman’s Dynamic Insert Control Technology, it enables us to produce very specific package designs that couldn’t be made otherwise. Especially the possibility to create packages with open areas down to 300 micron (versus 500 micron with conventional techniques) in a stable and robust process, offers a lot of interesting opportunities.

Advantages of FAM versus traditional transfer molding:
  • Easy release of the encapsulated products.

  • Metal surfaces of the mold are kept clear of molding compound.

  • The use of a large variety of molding compounds, including very sticky types and liquid silicone materials.

  • Longer life of mold parts while film functions as a soft cushion.

  • Very suitable for creation of packages with an open area on the chip.

  • Possibility of using sensor thickness down to 200 micron, without having bleed/crack defects.

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