Die attach

For die attach we use the MAT 6400 die bonder. It is a universal die bond system, suitable for cold and hot processes for MCM, flip chip, eutectic, and ultrasonic assemblies.


It has the following qualities:
  • Very high placement accuracy of 3 microns @ 3 sigma (process dependent).

  • Handles active and passive components from 0.2 mm up to over 25 mm.

  • Pick from waffle- and/or gel-pack-carriers, wafers up to 300 mm or from up to 12 tape & reel feeders.

  • Specialized in unusual die sizes and aspect ratios.

  • The volumetric- or time pressure dispenser applies adhesive in programmable shapes.

  • Stamping (pin transfer) applies adhesive dots as small as 75 microns.

  • Full flip chip capability including chip flipping, bump fluxing and chip final alignment over up looking camera.

  • Handles CCD and other sensors, LCD's, MEMS and other sensitive devices.

  • Unique die stacking capability with programmable BLT.


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