Ag-Sintering: increasing output and lifetime of your device at the same time.

Silver Sintering is a die-attach and bonding technology, offering a void-free, strong bond, with superior thermal and electrical conductivity. It decreases the junction temperature (Tj) of your device with 50-100 (see graphic below). In the Sintering process, being heated under the right circumstances in terms of pressure, temperature and time, the silver material changes in form from power to a solid structure. This results in a reliable sinter bond which increases both the output and lifetime of your device, in relation to using traditional solder material.

Watch our video about AG Sintering

Technologies Ag Sintering
Combining the Sintering process with our Dynamic Insert Control Technology, offers a successfully industrialized solution for a large range of applications, such as:


  • IGBT

  • HEMT

  • (High-power) lasers

  • RFpower

  • Thrysistors

  • QFN

  • Clip/heatsink

  • Automotive power electronics (EV and HEV)

  • CPV panels

  • Lighting

  • LED

For sintering we use the Boschman Sinterstar Innovate F-XL. It is a universal sinter System, using Film Assisted Molding (FAM) and Dynamic Insert Control (DIC) Technology. Ag-Sintering temp. up to 320 °C. Suitable for all kinds of carriers: lead frames, substrates, ceramics, wafers.

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